Don’t Mess with Station Staff

Sent in by one of our followers:

Some years ago, a member of public approached a member of staff on Leeds Station for answers.

As per usual the man treated the staff member with contempt, venting anger and frustration. He had apparently missed his train and it was all the staff members fault.

Our guy was having none of this and gave back as good as he got. This of course was like a red rag to a bull to the passenger who was becoming increasingly angry.

“I want your name, right now!” 

Shouted the passenger.

“I’m reporting you”

The staff member proceeded to pass on his details to the man. 

As quickly as it all started, it was over. The passenger made his way to the managers office. 

The manager was of course courteous and welcoming to the man thinking that he’d be able to nail the member of staff for his unprofessional approach.

“Did you get the name of the member of staff in question?” asked the manager.

“I did!” the passenger said with glee.

“It was Neville, Neville Hill”

The manager unable to contain himself was seen at the job centre the following week.

Neville Hill still wanders the platforms of Leeds station.


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