West Midland Franchise

Govia has been shortlisted for the new West Midlands rail franchise (covering London Midland services), due to commence in October 2017.

Govia is the longest enduring partnership in UK rail, involving the Go-Ahead Group (65%) and Keolis (35%) London Midland has seen demand grow by more than a third, during our current running of the franchise, with more than 65 million journeys now being made annually.

Investment has included almost 400 new train carriages being introduced, supported by new routes, stations and services. We’ve also overseen the introduction of the innovative Project 110, which provides more capacity and faster services into London.

London Midland has won numerous awards, during this franchise, in key areas such as customer service, marketing and engineering. In the last two years, performance has improved steadily, reflected by a recent National Rail Passenger Survey score of 86% (this is above the national average of 83%) – and the third successive rise in customer satisfaction in two years.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is expected to issue the invitation to tender in July 2016, for the submission of bids in November 2016.

Govia is excited about the opportunity to further grow and develop the railway in the new franchise, especially through the creation of business units to better serve local markets. This reflects our long standing approach of having locally managed companies, with teams empowered to respond quickly to the needs of their passengers and the communities they serve.

We will be speaking with stakeholders and communities as we prepare to deliver a strong and considered bid for the franchise, with its key aims to support economic growth and provide further improvements for our customers.

The Railway Times Says:

If the Southern Rail fiasco is anything to go by, beware people of the Midlands.

It may be worth getting the plane to take the strain!

Seriously, what muppets are judging these companies?


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