Network Rail Fleet Safety Measures

Speaking in his second quarterly report of 2016/2017, Network Rail Chief Executive, Mark Carne states:

“To reduce our road traffic risk, following consultation with the trade unions, we will install automated vehicle tracking and driver safety advisory equipment on all Network Rail vehicles in 2017”

The Railway Times Editorial:

Although these devices appear to reduce traffic risk, they will also be abused as a spying tool by bully management teams.

Not an ounce of input has been sought from the very staff driving these vehicles who now have big glaring screens as further distractions in their cabs.

We think that staff will be questioned on why it takes them so long to get to the site of fault / failure which will result in increased cost of delay minutes; which Network Rail has to pay for when faults ocurr on the rail network.

The devices have also been fitted in vehicles which are due for renewal in a matter of months!

Network Rail own a fleet of more than 8000 vehicles, we dread to think of the costs involved.

We believe that in due course, Network Rail will reverse its decision on these devices when they suddenly realise it’s costing them an absolute fortune and god forbid, a contributory factor in vehicle accidents.


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